How to Create Crazy Movie Poster

Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Start with your open ocean.
Make the desired color adjustments.

Ocean photo

Add a vignette and the boat.

I did a choppy cutout and tilted it to prepare for the wave of DOOM.

Ocean and Boat

Add your creature.

I drew inspiration from the recent POTC poster, and added a large tentacle. Afterwards I inserted and blended the wave. Do your color adjustment accordingly.

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add some sheens.

I added some light sheens to the tentacle for the "wet look". I also threw in some color tints that will be used later on.

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add noise and overlay tones.

I used a dark green/olive overlay later. After that I added a black and white noise layer, blurred it just slightly and set it to Soft Light over the poster.

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add some grit.

Next I added some grit, dirt, and of course - an explosion!

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

More texture.

I added yet more GRIT and then used a parchment texture for the top. I did some adjustments to make the parchment more green and contrasted - then blended it in.

Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add your head. Modify at will.

I took that photo i shot of Christian and adjusted the contrast and shadow/highlights. I then went in and manually burned the outlines of his face and color dodged some highlights. Lastly, I added a fantastic mustache and some eyeliner. Oh and I extended his eyebrows. Christian, such a saucy minx.

Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Almost done!

I next added some messy hair above his eyes add gave his chin some stubble. Also, I started implementing some background shadows.

Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

Add some sparkle.

Next, add some orange overlay lights wherever you choose. When you are done - add palm trees on the sides!

Christian Keyes, Ocean, Boat, Tentacle

And we're done!


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