Hot Beautiful lady Effects

In this tutorial we are goint to use some sexy Hot Beautiful lady Effects by photoshop. this tutorial is for those peoples who are newer user of photoshop.

Step 1:

Open a lady photo (as sexy as good!)

How about this one?

Sexy enough?

Now, let do it!

Use any cutting tools and get your lady out off the background...

Reopen that photo and put the layer under "cut layer" :

Pick Brush Tool

Download and load this brush into Photoshop: Odysee_brush

Creat a new layer under "cut layer"

Pick this brush :

Brush on the new layer like this :

OK. continue!

Download and load this brush into Photoshop : Green Lotus

Creat a new layer up on "cut layer"

Pick this brush :

Put the brush like this with color #c6eaf9

Choose any brush (just downloaded) and creat any new layer, make your photo be plendid!

Step 2 :

Pick Smudge Tool

Choose this brush : (Chalk brush 60 px)

Go to Window ~> Brushes, set option :

Duplicate "cut layer" once. Rechoose "cut layer". Start smudging on the edge of your lady how to have something like this :

Change mode = Color Dodge

Duplicate "cut layer copy", a new layer will appear up on "cut layer copy"

Keep smudge on the edge...

Change mode = Softlight.

Not bad? Want more? Ok! Let's continue!

Step 3 :

Click the top layer on layer palette.

Go to menu Layer ~> New adjustment layer ~> Curve

Result :

Wow, more impressive.

More more??? Yes yes!!!

Go to menu Layer ~> New adjustment layer ~> Gradient Map

Pick any gradient you feel it suitable to your photo, and here's some examples :

Mode = Overlay. Opacity = 70%

Mode = Multiply. Opacity = 70%

Mode = Soft light. Opacity = 60%

You've already finished this tutorial. Good luck!


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