300 movie Effect in photoshop

Hi there, today our tutorial is the 300 movie effect and i think it's one of the best movie effect it make everything looks EPIC so this is our final result :
Before we start , i like to tell that not every photo is valid for this tutorial ,you have to chose a raw photo and that means a photo that didn't photoshoped or modified like mine that i started with :

1-open your photo then duplicate the background layer (Ctrl+J) or go to Later>Duplicate Layer and then set the new layer's blend mode to Overlay :
 2- now press Ctrl+J to duplicate Layer1 like this:
 3- go to:
 4-and then set the radius to 1.5 (if it was big photo you put a bigger radius )
 5-Now press (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E) in the same time to merge all the previous layers into new one:
 6-select these colors:

7-Go to Filter>Distort>Diffuse Glow and the follow this pic :
 8-in the previous step set the Glow Amount depending on your image saturation so set a good amout of a glow to give the image the goldy effect like this
 9-Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and then set the radius to 1.2 (if you have a medium size image)
 10-set the blend mode of Layer2 to Overlay :
11- Now(again) press (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E) in the same time to merge all the previous layers into new one:
 12-Press Ctrl+U or go to Image>Adjustements>Hue/Saturation and then :
13-set the blend mode of Layer 3 to Color :
until now this is our result :
 14- Go to :
 15- and then :
 16- and after that:
 17-now go to :
18- Now finally this step is just if your result was to contrast you can turn the contrast down so chose a appropriate value depending on you result's contrast  :

now this is our final result:

Now you can download this font and use it to type "300 " in the images like this :

Thanks for Reading i hope you Really like it.


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