Make 3D random object Wallpaper

Hi there , today our tutorial is easy tutorials shows you how to make a 3d random object , its not technically 3D but i couldn't found a better name so this is our final result:

1- Go to File>New then:
 2- Go to Edit>Fill then:
 3- chose these colors :
 4- Select the Brush Tool:
 5-right click on the blank area then chose this brush:
 6-Now with click in the middle try to make this :
 7- Go to Layer>New>layer then:
 8-after that select the Pen tool :
9- Now try to make a shape like this:
 10-select the convert point tool :
11- follow this pic:
12- do the previous step (step11) to the other point in the middle and try to get this shape:
13-Now select the brush tool then right click on the work area then:
 14- select these colors:
 15-now select the Pen Tool (p) then:
16- and then:
17-Now right click then delete path :
18-make the Background layer invisible :
19-Now go to Edit>Define Brush Preset.. to make the new brush:

20-and then
21-select the brush tool:
22-make sure you are selecting Layer 1:
23-Now right click and then :

24-Go to Window>Brushes :

25-follow this pic:
26-Now go to History window and if you dont see it click Window>history
and then click on the step shown in this pic:
this is what should appears to you right now
27-select the Pen tool :

28- now to the magic step ! right click on the shape and click on Stroke path:

 and then:
 this is what happen for me its very rare to have two similar results so don't worry your result is fine too
 29-Now we have to delete the path :
 30-go to the blending options of Layer 1:
 31-Now just follow these pic:
 and then:

32-now we have to add some text :
make sure to apply these settings:
try to put the text  in good place like this:

33-now follow these pics to give the tewt layer some style :

and finally this is our result :

and i you are creative and didn't follow all the way the result may will be different  liek these results:

 thanks for reading and don't forget to comment and to post you result


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