Design Crysis Inspired Drawing Nano Suit Photoshop Tutorial

Final Product What You'll Be Creating
Have you ever needed to skin an object with a metal surface? In this Psd Premium tutorial, author Ed Lopezwill use digital painting techniques to skin a person with futuristic hard and soft metals to create a Crysis inspired nano suit. While this tutorial is meant to emulate the popular video game, the same techniques could also be used on everything from autos to spaceships. This tutorial is available exclusively to Premium Members. If you would like to take your digital painting and drawing skills to the next level, Log in or Join Nowto get started!

Detailed Video Instruction
This tutorial includes 10 videos that demonstrate the process of creating this project in detail so that you can better understand the techniques that were used in each step. Below is a clip from one of those videos. To view more clips you can Log in or Join Now!


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