Photoshop Color To Black Pencil Drawing

In this tutorial we will learn how to make any image have a Color To Black Pencil Drawing Effect.

Step 1: Open an image.

Take a Photo
Step 2: Go to Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen the Image.
Step 3: Now making for Color To Black  Image. Firsset your color palette. Press 'D' to set your foreground color to Black and press 'X' to set your background color white.

Set Your Color Palette
Step 4: Now we are ready for making black and white Image. Go to Filter> Sketch> Photocopy and apply the following setting:

Apply Filter Photocopy

Now your Image looks:

After Apply Photocopy
Step 5: Its just black and white and still looks like the original image now we need to turn it into a drawing. Go to Filter> Sketch> Graphic Pen and use the following setting:

Apply Filter Graphic Pen
Here's the final result!

Black and White Pencil Drawing
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